So much more than development

So much more than development

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So maybe thats why I am all over the place learning all these supplementary new skills and tools?!?

So why arent I learning new coding skills? Why arent I passioinately chasing React and Java and all the other technologies I am lacking? This is my chance.

But it seems (when I take notice of my actions) that I am passionately, aggressively, determinantly racing in another direction. copywriting, marketing, analysing, designing, UI, UX, keyword analysis… Huh? Really? Where did that come from?

Not sure. But it did. And it is.

Have to think about this. Is this the direction I want to take? Or are these just tools? Is it just that I was exposed to all this and so I want to consolidate? Or is it I feel I need it to offer my clients? Or is it that it interests me and I legitimately want to know more. Wheverever that may lead.

Maybe the destination is not so important right now, rather the journey should be the focus. Embracing what is naturally happening in order to allow Hashem to guide me to my new place.

Let go for a bit and just ride. Thats hard but maybe just recognising whats happening will allow me to ride easier. Lets try