No not electricity shedding, yes load shedding.

See myself in 3 years time. What does that look like?

Managing, people, working out issues. maybe ???

My strength and drive is solution focused and looking at the bigger picture. When I became relegated to just making small design changes on websites I started hating what I was doing. All the solution needs and the working out how to solve more complex needs was given to someone else and I just moved things. I HATED THAT!

I enjoy finding solutions to making a need happen. I enjoy looking at processes and working out how to make them more efficient. I enjoy using technology to make things work seamlessly. I enjoy interacting with people. I enjoy looking at the bigger picture and then working out a plan of action for other people to do. I enjoy creating efficient systems that optimize workflow. I REALLY LIKE THAT!

(I actually emphasized that on my CV and LinkedIn profile and refulsed to shorten and delete it, Why didnt I pay more attention to that?? That was what was most important to me, that was what I was most proud of. No wonder I am not excited to make 6 page websites 🙁 ).

I need to choose one thing and be willing to put it out there and be ok with it that no one responds! And then tweak it and tweak it and make it better.

I have to remember that I have many gifts and I am not useless. And the fact that I am not a specialist in one thing is an asset for those that can use someone who can do many things.

I have to be able to shed things. To shed what I have done in the past. To say NO to jobs that come to me that I no longer want to do even though I can.

I need to step into the future version of who I am.

Its a journey and in 15 years I may step into a seniour management position in Tel Aviv. Or 5 years. I may hire a nanny and make it happen.

For now I need to understand my strengths and my desires and what I dont want.

I dont want to be making small design changes left and right. I was drowning doing that. I do want to be thinking and working out solutions and looking at the bigger picture to optimize and make things more efficient.

I do want to help others.

I need to look into being a consultant that comes in a takes a look, assesses how to improve things and puts together a plan of action and possibly works together with the team to implement it.

I need to speak to people, Marna Becker, Alvin Schamroth..

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