Its a marathon not a sprint!

Its a marathon not a sprint!

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Why didnt someone tell me! or maybe they did but I couldnt hear? I am not sure I quite got it now truthfully. Though I am realising this sprint is not sustainable so I guess they are right. But I need some more time, sweat and tears to internalize it. That may just be the only way.

I have been feeling like a blob and a mess and shmutz and every other derogatory feeling I can think of, for the last two weeks.

On one hand so enthraled by all this new information and so much to do, on the other hand, just exhausted.

I have been doing 2 classes (networking in Beitar and digital marketing on zoom) with a total of 2 hours and another two mornings of 3 hours each which totals 3 mornings a week and 8 hours of learning a week! (never mind travel time and the break you need after that!).

To add to that, the intense heat! the lockdown uncertainty, the anxiety from the kids and myself of getting corona, integrating back into the school system, working out whats wrong or right or how to conduct ourselves outside, being confined to home and avoiding public places which basically means not going out. Settling others into their new homes. managing the vaad and the intense personalities involved. Did I mention the intense heat??

bh good things. An order from LA. Processing an order and starting to work out a better financial management system.

But its really a lot. Its good to write it out and read it. Its alot.

I basically have 3 coaches right now, Rachel, Shari and Ouri. All pushing in different directions that I have to (and want to) perform to take advantage of their presence and move ahead.

Thats alot.

But this will all change very soon. One more Temech meeting. One or two more digital marketing mornings. Not sure about Ouri. Nevermind the imposing curphew and tht the kids may not have school from tomorrow for a week! Then Rosh Hashana… Oh well.

But besides that. If I can get a hold on the content production and into some system to better use my time then I will be more available for other clients. Right now it just was not possible! I took on alot to learn and to do. It was very necessary but I did not realize the implications and consequences. Adrenaline only last so long.

Need another hit.

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