Defining what I do

Defining what I do

What do I do? What can I offer? What makes me different to all the other people out there?

There are great other people around me doing great things. It can be motivating but it can also be confusing when one thinks that they are better at what they do than I am and maybe I should just give up and let them do the job!

One creates incredible marketing websites (design, message, speed, security) and another creates incredible copy with powerful messages and runs a business with a system and confidence charging without questioning.

They have great, powerful, clean websites exuding confidence and clarity.

And here I am trying to work out what I have and what I can give so I too can seem so confident and clear in what I can offer and why people should pay me.

And then there are the others that specialize in really understanding digital marketing and SEO campaigns and PPC campaigns and really know what they are talking about. And here I am trying to remember what they said and to keep afloat thinking I must know something!

BUT when I speak to clients I feel like I DO have what to say and what to offer and am able to communicate that well to them. But when I get off the phone I doubt myself :-(.


What to do.

I think there is no way out. I have to work out what unique I can offer well, then maybe work out I can offer adequately, and then work out when I need to partner with others.

I need to put together a system of working. What I am lacking, what I need to get. And I suppose just start on the job. The first job will be a bit of a mess but it will come together and I will set things up along the way and work it out for the next time.

That is if I run my own business… Is that what I am doing again? Not going from a job to a job?

Maybe pricing things will give me more insight into what it actually means. I dont have a clue about prices really. I am just starting but its actually critical to know really!!

Oh well. Keep Shteiging.

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